what I will do as a delegate…

Welcome on this page! First, I would like to introduce myself. I am not female as my delegate name suggests. The reason why I chose it is that most new projects I engage in take this name out of habit. I have a degree in physics engineering (numerics, CFD, things like that…) but always worked in IT. I live in Asia as an expat since the late nineties. In recent years I worked in hedge fund administration and trading automation. If desired I disclose my real name to anyone with a legitimate interest. All participants in the Lisk community with some visible activity can ask me about it. My delegate servers are planned to be located in Singapore and Hong Kong, equipped and administrated to highest standards (at the moment I use various different locations on testnet). I may start though with US or European ISPs who particularly provide strong DDoS protection, and change later.

If I become elected as active delegate my intention is to focus on projects with payment integration and interactivity between blockchains/ledgers. In my opinion there will never be such a thing that one system has the dominant position as a “World Computer”. Instead, I expect that there will be countless entities in the decentralized space that need to interact. I believe Lisk has a very strong potential for gluing together such decentralized applications, and for practical purposes building all kinds of semi-decentralized applications.

I intend to do prototyping with the Interledger Protocol. More details on Payment Integration (please visit the page and read the introduction).

I thought as well of implementing a Ripple gateway as a blockchain app. Basic information on Ripple gateways can be found at https://ripple.com/knowledge_center/gateways/ . There already exists a Node.js framework for a central server implementation https://www.npmjs.com/package/ripple-gateway. A Ripple gateway could become a decentralized blockchain app to pick from the Lisk store. Security threats and server administration tasks can be reduced/eliminated by utilizing Lisk. An application area for small businesses and personal use is targeted with this particular blockchain app. Having gateways similar to Ripple is something that the WAVES platform and other fiat payment systems are all about.

Rewards for forging will be entirely appropriated for developing a blockchain app or prototyping some building patterns. I intend to collaborate with professional Node.js developers. I may also sponsor other Lisk projects. Picking a project must as well suit the developer(s) that I intend to cooperate with. It also needs to reflect the current capabilities of Lisk. Thereby, flexibility might become necessary.

I am still into a case study and evaluating a number of factors. I will set up and announce milestones in this process. At the moment it appears that the Gatewayd framework has dependencies that cannot be implemented on Lisk.

There will be full transparency with LSK rewarded for active delegation. All LSK will be held as a “jackpot” in addresses that are made public until a significant milestone is achieved. This will also be necessary for maintaining the voting power. If for whatever reason the project does not succeed the LSK will be appropriated for alternative community benefit. I appreciate all proposals by others for a distribution plan.

I am used to monitor several servers all day and are connected 7/24. Being alert as a delegate is guaranteed by me. I have a delegate node running since the second round of the testnet. Productivity and forged LSK is among top ten. I essentially only had missing cycles in the first few days as I did not expect to get elected being scheduled on a list for a second choice.

I hope that the concept as briefly outlined is of interest for the Lisk community. In my opinion payment integration and cross platform capability are very important for the adoption/success of Lisk.

I expect that within the next few weeks the delegate race becomes clearer. With active delegation I will spend a lot of time and effort onto this.

Anyone interested in mutual votes and cooperation, please respond!

Best way to contact me is on Lisk chat (carolina). On Lisk forum you can find me at http://forum.lisk.io/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=588.